When you are in business you understand real value for money and how costly bad advice can be. You also appreciate the value of having an adviser whose motivation closely matches your own.

Whether you are growing your business organically or by acquisition, focusing it by divesting of a business unit or crystallising value through selling your business, you will benefit from sound corporate finance advice.

Cattaneo was established in September 2005 to provide that sound corporate finance advice to companies and individuals. Our approach is based on the simple premise of turning knowledge, experience and contacts into value, shareholder value. We are driven and rewarded by creating successful outcomes for our clients.


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    Our flexible approach that is client centric; we want to know and understand our clients drivers and objectives and forge a close working relationship with them. Our advice is centred on helping clients to achieve their corporate and personal objectives.
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    Our fees are often contingent on success, designed to align our motivation with that of our clients and we have the flexibility to take some or all of our fee in equity.
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    A dogged determination to provide solutions which make business sense.
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    An in depth knowledge and understanding of the public markets and public market transactions which allows us to provide City quality advice including the capacity to provide Takeover Code including Rule 3 advice.
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    Our ability to work with overseas clients and on cross-border transactions.
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    Better value for money based on excellent experience and track record combined with a low overhead structure.


Cattaneo is a corporate finance advisory practice offering the highest quality financial advice and transaction execution expertise.

We offer a service led by a senior team who have the ability to operate in any geography and often to tight time lines to deliver excellent results for our clients.

Our philosophy of working with clients on creating shareholder value and our team’s wide experience in all aspects of corporate finance mean that our services are ideal for both private and public companies as well as working with private equity.

Our public company services are specifically designed to fill a gap in the corporate finance services market which is addressed in few places outside the City of London. In recent years the traditional providers of public company corporate finance advice have been consolidated and a gap has been left in the market for quality affordable advice.


If you are looking for your next challenge in a forward thinking, growing organisation that continually pushes the boundaries to deliver leading solutions to clients then we’d like to hear from you. If you know one of the team feel free to make a confidential call to discuss a career with us or send us a message along with your CV.