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buying a business guide

Guide to Buying a Business

This practical guide is designed for company owners and managers contemplating buying another business. We explore the benefits and pitfalls of acquisition, along with the potential impact on the existing business.

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Selling a business guide

Guide to Selling a Business

For many company owners the prospect of selling their business is daunting, we have prepared this guide to help you to appreciate the challenges that lie ahead and to highlight the key stages to achieving a successful sale.

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Exit planning guide

Guide to Exit Planning & Strategy

Exiting businesses should not be a game of chance. Planning allows the business owner to remain in control of the process and focus the on the most important, value enhancing strategies prior to an exit.

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Business finance guide

Guide to Business Finance & Funding

Finding and securing finance in the current economic climate is hard. This guide looks at the different types of finance available and examines which type of funding is likely to be most suitable for your company’s needs.

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Management buy-out guide

Guide to Management Buy-Outs

Management Buy-Outs are an ideal opportunity for managers to satisfy their entrepreneurial aspirations and acquire a significant equity stake in their own company. This guide provides a broad introduction to MBOs and what they entail.

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